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Hi everyone,

Chicken chicken and more chicken! - another 2 weeks and we will start having chicken back on offer. sign up to get the newsletter (bottom of the page) and be quick on the draw when that email comes around (around the 8-10 October) - we sold out of most chicken in the first 6 hrs, and by 48hrs it was all but sold. 

beef, pork and bacon people

We recently harvested the first of our grass-fed and finished beef - which was a dream come true. It was then dry aged for 3 weeks before we even had a peek. 

Good news - the wait was worth it - it is beyond delicious.

We also have been getting our bacon on, as well as making our pork cuts available. We can't keep up  - so thanks for being patient as we restock this week your new favorite Sunday collar-butt Roast and mid-week pork stir-fry.  

Thank you everyone you have all been really patient and super supportive as we deal with our own challenges - thank you.  

Things are going to start looking differently around here - and i hope you all are enjoying it as much as we are. 




- any questions send me a text 0400119312.


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