Secret Weapons

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Butterflied and Brined whole chickens

Our secret weapon.

Directions_ defrost
(under running water at 6pm if you're having one of those days)

Open Bag, throw in oven -
(you can get all fancy and spruce the top with your own garden fresh rosemary/thyme/bay/oregano - but you can literally get away with an 'open bag' 'empty bag onto tray' 'close oven' no need to season or oil - those are already done thanks to @grumpygrandmas and @olssonssalt .)

So they are super easy to cook + difficult to stuff up.
- go super hot in the oven to begin with to get colour on the top and then knock it back to 150-160 to finish off.

Totally enough time to wind down, toss a salad together, get the kids bathed and have a glass of wine.

Ta Da!

You can thank me later


1.5kg each finished with local grumpy grandmas olive oil and fresh garden herbs and a pinch of citrus. Brined in our simple salt water brine. (olssons salt, sunshine sugar, juniper, bay, thyme, pepper). 

Secret Weapons
Secret Weapons

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