Pasture-Raised Pork - Whole + Half

Party Sized 
up to 30kg = $15 per kg (around $450) suckling

Couple Sized
45 to 65kg = $12 per kg (around $540)

Family Sized
over 70kg = $10.50/kg (around $700)

How it Works
Our sizes are an approximation, you will be invoiced $10.50-$15(per kg price) x the weight of the whole product.  Approximately $450-735.

$100-$300 Deposit taken on order then final price is dependent on final weight. 

We vacuum pack, make sausages, ham + bacon (both double smoked + apple cider).

Once you make the order then talk to us direct and we can work out the best way for your situation. 

Currently we are delivering from Wardell in Northern NSW to Coomera on the northern tip of the Gold Coast. If you are beyond this area then we send orders via courier at a small additional cost.