Pasture-Raised Eggs - singles + box sets
Pasture-Raised Eggs - singles + box sets

Pasture-Raised Eggs - singles + box sets

New lovely ladies have arrived !



Pasture-Raised Egg Details

Our hens are moved every couple of days to new pasture. They gain 20-22% of their total diet from foraging and give a naturally brighter egg yolk + cleaner more firm egg white from the trace minerals and chlorophyll available in our pasture.  

Our chickens are fed an certified organic mixed feed made in Australia from non gmo sources (we know the farmers!). 


Our Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs.  You pay for 5 dozen (60 eggs) and we ship you 6 dozen (72) just in case a couple of eggs break during transit you have 12 spare!

Or if you live locally you can just pick up a dozen on your way past. We don't ship single boxes.


We ship our eggs just a day or two after they have been laid. Super Fresh.

We ship them separately to the rest of our range, at an ambient temperature (never been in the fridge- they have only been out of the chicken for a day or two!) with the bloom in tact.

Once you receive your order the mail just pop them in the fridge and they will be perfect for about 35 days (just over a month).

Pick up from farm

You can order in the morning and collect after 2pm same day (or the next day or whenever suits you) just a dozen fresh eggs. 



Our eggs are super fresh and won't whip up for the first few days after they arrive to you. 

They are perfect to poach straight away - like light pillow clouds.

Just hold off embarking on the perfect souffle dish or the creamiest mayonnaise for a few days and then our eggs will be perfect.


They are something to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family.

We hope that you agrees these are the best eggs in the business x