Organic Pasture-Raised Chicken - $20 Broth'er Kit

Broth'er Kit 

The $20 bargain = 2 x packs of Bones (Frames / Marrow bones / Necks - it's a seasonal thing so whatever is in abundance is what you'll get) and 1 x pack of Wings. 

Broth'er Party Pack

Makes epic broth. 2 x packs of Bones and 1 x pack of Wings plus a heavenly mix of the good stuff (could be a mix of marrow bones, necks, wing tip and all things good)


Organic Pasture-Raised Chicken. 

Shelf Life
The packet will be freshly frozen and vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf life of 9 months from the day they are packaged. 

Special Note on Shipping Large Volume Items. 
Limit of 1 broth'er pack or 2 x sets of frames per person for regional areas, shipping larger volumes really isn't financially viable for us.