Meadow Mince (beef, chicken + pork) - 500g

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An awesome mix of our 100% Grass-fed and finished vealer mince, our pasture-raised origanic chicken and our pastuyre-raised organic pork mince, like a party on the hill just waiting to happen.

Run  - don't walk people - this is delicious.


our beef

We don't believe in grain rations for the cattle at all they are 100% grass fed + finished. we do sometimes supplement their diet depending on the weather with a certified organic vitamin lick as well as apple cider vinegar + garlic top keep their gut healthy.

dry aging

We have a dry ageing program (3-6 weeks) for our 2 grades of our beef. 

Our Vealer Beef (V) - is lighter in flavour and leaner in fat content compared with our Yearling Beef (Y) which is darker in flavour and richer.

Meadow Mince (beef, chicken + pork) - 500g
Meadow Mince (beef, chicken + pork) - 500g