We are a small direct-to-consumer family farm and we offer a premium quality product delivered direct from our 'farm gate to your front door'. 

We use fastway. 

If they can get to your home within 2 days then we will ship to you without issue.

If you are 3 or more days then we need to use dry ice and possibly a specialised carrier. It is a little bit extra and we as that you pay half the shipping 'at cost.'  

We pack and ship all the received orders generally at the start of the week (Tuesday). 

Depending on when you live depends on when you'll receive your order. 

We update our available stock all the time - so if a product appears sold out just check back often and stock up when it's next available. 

We are a small business and we are all about being supplying amazing local food to our neighbours in an efficient way that doesn't cost the earth. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions. 



Morgwn + George


Frequently asked questions:

When do you ship our weekly order?

Order received will be shipped generally the next day. If you live regionally we might only ship out on a Monday or Tuesday so that it arrives safely before the weekend. We might even drive it to your door. 

We don't service everywhere - if your order cost the earth to ship to you then we will get in contact and figure out what option would work best. 

If you're not sure if we would send to your home then just drop us a line and we will let you know -


Is it frozen?
Yes, we ship freshly frozen chicken in boxes with lots of ice to last the 2-3 days journey. We have found that most people freeze our product immediately anyway (fresh still available by request) and if you want it for the weekend there is lots of time to defrost!

If your delivery arrives and it’s not perfect then let us know and it will be free!

If you want fresh then please write in the checkout notes "fresh" and it will ship on different time frames. 


Will You collect the boxes?

You can bring them back to us at one of our farmers markets. We will also get in contact to collect boxes locally every month or so. 

We will still use the recycled polystyrene boxes (we get them 2nd hand and use them 3 times sometimes many more times).

We will transition to a recyclable cardboard insulated (recyclable) box as we grow. (you can see the trials here). 


Does it Cost for shipping?

Free shipping is for all our loyal customers who have purchased before. Use code at FIRSTFREE checkout (feel free to share the code with friends).


Can I pay via eft?

Yes, you are given the option at the very end of checkout.  just write your last name / order number as the reference please.


Can I track my order online?

Yes, you will receive email/mms updates and our courier has a tracking service.


I want something that’s not listed as an option on your site for a dinner party / wedding / my mates birthday can you help me?

Drop us a note and we can help you :)


I live in Cairns / Melbourne / Mildura / Dubbo / an island in the middle of the ocean...? 

Yes we sure do. It's a lot more work on our behalf - most of our far flung customers order in bulk about once a month and that works really well.

Limit of 1 broth'er packs per person for regional areas as shipping multiple broth'er packs by themselves isn't financially viable for us.

We will let you know when the numbers don't work.  

Sometimes you'll need to collect from the local post office or supermarket - we will let you know in advance though. 

We ask that you go halves in the cost of shipping to far away / regional places, especially if we need to use dry ice and specialised carriers.