Broth'er Kit

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Broth'er Kit 

The $20 bargain = $30 worth of goodness 

Generally its  2 x packs of Bones (Frames / Marrow bones / Necks - it's a seasonal thing so whatever is in abundance is what you'll get) and 1 x pack of Wings or feet.

its seasonal - so could be all frames, or all wings or a broth bird... we try to mix it up. 

Broth'er Party Pack

Makes epic broth. $50 worth for $35 bucks :) 

it is seasonal so the mix changes but generally you could expect 2 x packs of Bones and 1 x pack of Wings or feet plus a some of the good stuff (could be a mix of marrow bones, necks, wing tip and all things good)


Organic Pasture-Raised Chicken. 

Shelf Life
The packet will be freshly frozen and vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf life of 9 months from the day they are packaged. 

Special Note on Shipping Large Volume Items. 
Limit of 1 broth'er pack or 2 x sets of frames per person for regional areas, shipping larger volumes really isn't financially viable for us.   

pasture raised organic chicken frames and feet to make chicken bone broth available for purchase from our online store.