☀️ our farm needs your help ☀️

We work hard, we don’t take days off and we work long hours to bring you all the best possible produce we could ever imagine growing and now we need your help. 
We have read about crowd funding, dabbled a little and dreamed a lot.

Now it's our turn - please help us make a difference!


Our farm now needs a cash injection to take it to the next level.

We have big plans for extending the flock and making it more affordable for you.  We have a small commercial kitchen space under construction & all we need now is a boost from you. 

If you’d like to take part then please email gg@brookletsprings.farm or text 0400119312



Pledges + Rewards

 All pledges will receive the reward of our gratitude, sponsorship acknowledgement on our website + updates on our progress. 

 $25     = a whole chook!
 $50     = a $50 voucher (x1) (valid for 12 months)
 $100   = 2 x $50 vouchers (value $100) (valid for 12 months)
 $300   = a whole chook every week for 12 weeks. 
 $500   = 10 x $50 vouchers (value $500) (valid for 12 months)
 $750    = a farmstay weekend in Orchid House at Brooklet Springs Farm (valid for 6 months)
 $1,000 = a whole ethical pork (approx 60kg carcus) cut and packaged over several months. 
 or... you can lettuce' know what you want to pledge and be rewarded with :)


This is our shopping list 

poultry crates
$2,250     Essential transport crates and this will buy us about 30. 

organic certification 
$5,500     This will pay for our application, soil testing and certification, leaving us with just a short transition period to achieve full certification. 

new brooders
$5,000     This will pay for our new brooder spaces for our baby chicks.

refrigerated trailer 
$6,000     To transport and store our chicken, from the processor to home, to the markets both near and far. Designed to meet both The Food Authorities + our growing families needs (yep cause George takes baby Eedee to every market). 


This is what our "off farm heros" have funded so far:

cryovac machine         
$3,000     Packing machine so we can present our goods in vacuum bags and give a 10 day shelf life. 

scales with branded label

$2,250     one of our main hurdles to get into the supermarket world is a decent set of scales with a branded sticker that tells both our and the products story.


sausage mincer

$600     to make fresh mince every week that we can add spices from the garden and create sausages, burgers patties and other meal bases. It will also mince frames so we can offer fresh pet mince weekly.


sausage filler

$750     to make fresh sausages every week + start experimenting with cured small goods. 


farm ute
$8,000     This will pay for our new (read old and daggy) farm ute; auto, with 5 comfortable seats, 3t towing + some sort of safety rating. Capable of doing all things farming, marketing + home delivering. 


cool truck 
$7,500     This is a game changer. Allowing us to travel far and wide with fresh chicken, safely and not freak out during peak hour traffic. (read- old'ish ford ute, runs on gas and has refrigerated cool box on the back! Poo green in colour... its perfect!)

new generation chicken houses
$5,000each     These are our new generation chicken houses (no one in Australia is using this technique), designed for 300 chickens with daily moves onto fresh pasture. These will allow Brooklet Springs Farm to scale which will bring our pricing down. We need 5 chicken houses to make up the batch. (5 x $5,000 = $25,000). The first 2 x of these is already with the steelworkersfic. 

Flock to it (please) people
TEXT 0400119312 or EMAIL gg@brookletsprings.farm your interest through. 


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