Our New Home - The Farm Byron Bay

We are excited to announce that we are now lease land at the (seriously famous) The Farm Byron Bay.  We will manage the land and raise true pastured proteins including:

- Broiler Chickens

- Laying Hens

- Heritage Breed Pigs

 - Highlanders Beef Cattle

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Meat - The Ultimate Podcast

My Monday ritual - listening to the latest installment to "Meat the Ultimate Podcast". 

You know those things that you stumble upon that just inspire you to be a better person / consumer / farmer. Well this podcast has been one of them. 


some good ones to get you started:

Ep. 40 : Joel Salatin / The Most Famous Farmer in the World

A good into Joel and his work, he has been a teacher of mine since the very beginning and I've literally spent weeks engulfing every single talk/YouTube clip/podcast/ that he has done - we literally practice what he preaches.... 

Ep. 34: Kim McDonnell / Thankful

Kim is probably more suited to a segment on Oprah than with the meat team. She is doing amazing things in the world and is out to make it a better place. 

Ep. 43 : Dr. Paul Mason / The Carnivore Diet & Optimal Health

Talks about personal science - things like Hashimoto's disease and what kind of blood tests are actually useful to do if you are searching for answers. 


Ep. 21: Dr. Matt Montee / Unlocking Optimal Health

My saving grace over the years has been IV myers injections - something I thought I was the only one doing - this guys talks about them and loads of other useful stuff.  

enjoy georgex

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The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy

for those who are following:

In his latest published book, The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy, Dr. Steven Gundry advises that Mary’s Free Range, Pasture Raised, Air Chilled Chicken is permissible. 

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